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We are registered nurses.

But we are also so much more.

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What our RNs are Saying

  • RNs/NPs work shifts longer than 16 hours on a too regular basis.

  • RNs and NPs worked more than 300,000 hours of overtime in 2019-20.

  • They are the only nursing provider who can care for the most stable patient to the most complex and unpredictable.

  • They fight every day to protect and advocate for their patients within a poorly designed, under-resourced system. 

  • Inadequate staffing and exhaustion is association with poor patient outcomes.

  • A long-term care RN can be responsible for up to 150 residents - in one night shift.  

  • Nurses are more likely to face workplace violence than other first responders including police officers.

Share your story. Tell your MHA it’s less than enough and the time to take action is now! 

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